Real world information

During class discussion time the teachers would talk to the children about time, weather, dates, days, month’s etc. they would also talk about holidays, show and tell would be a part of the morning lesson ,where a child would bring something he likes from home and tell his classmates about it. Mannerisms would also be…


Science Lab

Science and other subjects

Most kindergarteners will be exposed to science, social studies, art, music and other subjects. Teachers would identify a theme for the week or month and teach in-depth lessons around the theme.

Example: A teacher might use the theme of butterflies to teach about life cycles as well as artistic concepts, such as color mixing.

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Kindergarteners learn a variety of foundation skills that prepare them to be successful in core math concepts later in school. Students learn how to sort objects by a variety of attributes such as color, size and shape. They also learn to identify numbers and count by 1’s, 2’s, 5’s and 10’s. Children are taught how…




One of the key elements of any kindergarten classroom is literacy. At the beginning of the school year students learn to identify each letter as well as the sounds that each makes. Once student are well versed in letter sounds , they will begin learning letter blends , such as the sound ‘sh’  ‘ch ’and…


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Kindergarten curriculum

Most kindergarten curricular begin students in math and English .The lessons are very simple and deal with easily understandable concepts like counting and words, they usually revolve around objects that they would be subjected to every day of their life.

Kindergarteners are familiar with fun kindergarten activities to help students with understanding.


The international curriculum whether American or British addresses the (whole child) catering to different learning styles and multiple intelligences of each individual. Cross curriculum links ensure a well rounded, balanced education with different activities in each class, to allow each child to achieve his/her potential. Our school aims to offer a high standard of education…