About US

 Abdelraouf Allam 

 General Manager

Our General Manager, Mr. Abdelraouf Allam, comes to Privilege Language School with a passion for improving the educational value provided through the language schools.

Mr. Allam has been elected to be the representative for private schools throughout Egypt and is a Member of the Supreme Advisory Committee for Education Development in Giza. He is also a member in more committees related to revising and approving the decisions and laws for the ministry of Education concerning the private education (schools).

Mr. Allam holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics Science from faculty of education and science South Valley University, Diploma in Teaching and Curriculum Development and a Master’s degree in Schools Management. He is also an external auditor of the general authorization of Quality assurance and accreditation.

He started working as a mathematics teacher then a supervisor till he operated and supervised numerous KG – 12 schools throughout Egypt. He also attended and participated actively in many trainings and conferences regarding Quality Education, Active Learning. He also attended courses in qualifying the teacher for modern education means and leadership skills. Mr. Abdelraouf is a member of Education Development committees in Egypt and UNESCO conferences outside Egypt.

Principal's Letter

Mrs. Bonita Zaki


Dear Parents, Guardians and Community Members,

Welcome to Summits International Schools.

Mrs. Bonita Zaki as the American Division Principal at Summits International Schools. Alongside Her Vast Experience In Teacher Development, Academics, Accreditation and Educational Management, Mrs. Bonita Is Well Known In the Academic Field For Her Distinct Administrative Character. Together With Her Experienced And Motivated Team Of Teachers And Administrative Staff, We Are Sure Of a Great Year Ahead For Our Students.

Principal's Letter

Mrs. Hager m.salem


Dear Parents, Guardians and Community Members,

Welcome to Summits International Schools.

Mrs. Hager M. Salem is our Principal of Foundation and Primary stages  of the British Division.  She has worked for 13 years in the field of education in different universities and international schools in Egypt and abroad. Ms. Salem holds a Masters Degree in Methodology, London. She Studied and worked within British, American and IB systems. Because she believes that a person should obtain a round character, Ms. Salem Studied Computer Programming, Business Administration and Neuro-Linguistic Programming which enabled her to work in many teaching, consultation, accreditation and administrative positions.

Hager M. Salem Believes that every child is entitled to the best education we can offer as education builds not just minds but also characters.  Her motto is ‘To establish a bright future, we have to consciously shape the minds of our children as children of today are leaders of tomorrow’.

Principal's Letter

Mrs. Karima Shabana 


Dear Parents, Guardians and Community Members,

Welcome to Summits International Schools.

Mrs. Karima Shabana as the IGCSE Principal at Summits International Schools.
Mrs. Karima is known as one of the Pioneers and Leaders in the IGCSE Field.
Together With her Extensive Experience, Amazing Team of Teachers, Professors and Administrative Staff, we are sure of the Great Results Coming Ahead.



Summits International School – Foundation and Primary Stages – British Division is committed to providing a supportive learning environment in which independence, self-confidence and resilience is encouraged and creativity and co-operation are nurtured. Our international curriculum, which is delivered in English, aims to encourage our students to strive for excellence and provide them with the necessary skills and zest for learning to become global citizens of an ever-changing world.


We aim to become a world-class School in order to provide internationally recognized external validation of our educational standards and curriculum in order that our students be able to access higher education around the globe. In addition,  SIS offers a learning community where international students learn about the world in an atmosphere of co-operation and open-mindedness where they can discover the most fundamental principle of international education that our similarities to one another outweigh our differences.

Statement of Values

Summits International School – Foundation and Primary Stages – British Division expects and encourages high standards from its students on both academic and personal levels. We recognise that a mixture of self-motivation and teamwork skills will be required by active citizens and leaders of tomorrow. Our modern international curriculum is therefore designed to encourage students to investigate, to think critically and then share and apply the knowledge and skills they acquire in a range of situations including examinations and when working with others.

The positive and caring environment we aim to provide helps to ensure that all students at  SIS feel safe to take intellectual and creative risks, develop their emotional intelligence and resilience and gain a range of learning strategies.

We value the importance of a healthy lifestyle including the provision of a balanced diet and the opportunity to take part in challenging physical activities whilst keeping ourselves and others safe. We are proud to be an international school where we can all learn from one another in an atmosphere of equality and tolerance enriched by the diverse backgrounds and experiences of our staff and students.


• Every student has an individual and a cultural set of experiences, skills and

   interests which must be considered in the teaching and learning process.

• A diverse student body enriches the school community and provides a wealth of

   experience and resources.

• A thorough education includes the development of the qualities of compassion,

   tolerance, respect for the rights and cultures of all people, the skills for the

   peaceful resolution of conflict and the development of environmental responsibility.

• School should prepare young people to provide leadership to meet the global

   challenges of the 21st century.

• School should foster an atmosphere of academic excellence and encourage

   intellectual inquiry and critical thinking.

• Achievement in the physical, expressive and creative arts is an essential part of a

   holistic education.

• The school is a community, and social awareness, thoughtful interaction and

   effective communication among students, parents and staff is fundamental to its


American Division
We are currently enrolling students from Nursery to Grade 5.
British Division

We are currently enrolling students from Nursery to Grade 5.